Diana Ulanova Leather Handbag made for you Only

Diana Ulanova Leather Handbag made for you Only

By admin

31 Aug 2018

Are you familiar with the feeling when the thing seems to be "the very same, but not quite"? Now, when you select a stylish accessory, this feeling can be forgotten: we are launching designer Diana Ulanova's handbags!

Love the black of his classics and do not know how to add to the daily pattern yellow / green / red, which brings good luck? Or dream of a universal bag, but as we are confident that the versatility does not mean monotony?

Combine business with pleasure in the colors of the new accessory. Now the product on Diana Ulanova you can paint on your taste and risk;). The three most popular models will be unique to each customer: collect color scheme of any three colors for future product to match its character and mood.

Customized products are made for three weeks only in the pre-payment and delivered either at the point of issue or at home.

Choose a combination only in a good mood, thoughtfully and deliberately.

Production on the product itself and accessories warranty is maintained."

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