Which Diana Ulanova's Leather bag to wear in Winter Season?

Which Diana Ulanova's Leather bag to wear in Winter Season?

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In the cold season is already less about style and more about practicality and comfort, because of the already heavily under three layers of clothing. If so, then it is necessary to choose a bag, which will be comfortable, fashionable and easy.

Rules for the choice of fashionable bags for winter

Everyone has their own ideas about the perfect bag, but personally I like: it should be fit everything you need, it should be convenient to "sit" and always let it be approached by a lot of things from the existing arsenal.

What size to choose a bag in the winter

Size matters, but each selects for themselves. I can say one thing - if you're short, choose something in between. I do not agree with the famous fashion critic Elina Khromtchenko about a small handbag. Because if I have to carry a lot of things, then I buy a big bag. A little let waiting for a special occasion to see the light.

What kind of bag to wear in winter

As for convenience, buy a convertible backpack that transforms into a bag, permitting is your lifestyle. If not, be guided by classic in-kind bags, bag or cross-body of a good size. It is difficult to say that goes for you, but do not neglect the long handles and the presence of the strap included. Last - usually helps out often, if your hands are tired or busy.

What color should be a winter bag

Once purchased versatile bag of good quality can last more than one season. And most importantly, do not bother, if well-chosen color and shape enhancement. Usually all that gray, brown and blue - well combined with many things. Pro black is not renounce with it all is clear. For example, if your clothes are mainly pastel colors, feel free to buy a bright bag - burgundy, green or blue. In the case of multi-colored wardrobe, chose the same black.

The secret in choosing handbags

I want to share his secret, which probably not many people know. You can buy a bronze or "metal" bag or backpack to exactly fit the many images. This works, because I have a year without stopping use one backpack-bag bronzing, which surprisingly combines with any style of dress.

Which form to choose a bag for winter

Be formless form better not to oblige, or choose "soft" bag. This model will be relevant for a long time, if not forever. And under the heel will have to have something more concise. For example, a bag-tout or small cross-body. But as you can see, even many office workers are transferred from the heel to the flat sole. This stylish and comfortable - not even argue.

What material is better suited for bags in cold weather

As for the material, and suede and leather (natural or artificial, and how to distinguish between read here - how to distinguish natural from artificial leather) suitable for winter can be very useful.

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