Give me Two! Wearing few Bags at once

Give me Two! Wearing few Bags at once

By admin

Just recently I went a new trend, which advocates the abolition of sacrifice in the name of beauty.

Down heels shoes sneakers. Wear clothing roomier and have enough of these wild mini. Even waist bag began to appear on the catwalks and boutiques, to finally hand the girls freed from the burden too heavy.
And now another innovation - carry a few bags at a time. Another strange trend of fashion or practicality back into fashion? Rhetorical question, but we will investigate.


Due to this scenario, things will be easier to search. After two small cute bags instead of one baula - it's super convenient. And nice note. Bottomless Bag brings solid inconvenience, but even with the search of the lipstick, which sometimes must be urgently found.


Not necessarily to combine the same color in the tandem two bags. According to the form, you can say the same thing. But observe harmony, especially if the bags are not two, but three. And you can use the bags in different shapes and options to spread out things in the most successful.

Even so

Great would be if one is bag-purse, and its "workmate" twice. One - well, while two (or even three) - even better. Well, if you're used to a bulk bag, it's not a problem - take it one more or more.
It is to be organically look Tote Bag companies in small bags hanging on his shoulder. And the first - Trailers medium size purse, because even in his every girl find what to put.
This alignment must love practical ladies, because one can at a time to kill several birds with one stone. And in a trend to be, and about the subsequent purchases to forget. Once I took a few pieces and carry until bored.

It is important to be yourself

Do not worry about what people would look askance. Crow is not exactly become, if you observe the harmony between the bags.This trend is expected to be at its peak right up to the spring, so it pays to take note and go to choose a new pair (C grade).If you do not understand how to act in such a situation, we are waiting for you. Our managers will help to choose a bag to create an image and make your mood.Gloomy autumn and cold winter, everyone is obliged to be a bright, happy, and always fashionable. Become a can with Diana Ulanova.

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