How to Distinguish top Grain Leather Purses and Clutches from Artificial Ones? Tips by Diana Ulanova manufacturer

How to Distinguish top Grain Leather Purses and Clutches from Artificial Ones? Tips by Diana Ulanova manufacturer

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We need to know a few rules that will help you when choosing a high-quality handbags. And do not be afraid of low prices. High price - it's a whim of the manufacturer. Diana Ulanova opinion about all the nuances of leather goods.

Heat transfer

Natural skin feels warm and pleasant. After a long touch with the hand it remains warm and dry. Artificial same cool stuff, and soon the sweat in your hand. It has time to warm up only after some time. The thickness of the edge region and

Leather mainly in woven or non-woven substrate basis, the film does not stretch. And if you unpick the lining of the bag for example, there can be seen a rag on which a PVC. That can be seen under the lining from natural leather - you probably know.


If a little bend the leather, it will appear small wrinkles that disappear immediately afterwards. Yes, and any deformation of the natural product uneasy. Leather long after recovering creases or not restored at all.


Natural skin changes color in a few cases.

The first - burn in the sun (saves leather goods from direct sunlight).

Second - mashing with time. The skin over the years aging, absorbs the dirt, sweat, etc. This is due to the fact that the leather is porous, live. A synthetic behaves differently.


Leather smells so that you will feel it for a kilometer. But do not rely only on it, because now there are flavors that perfectly masks any odors and create new flavorings. Should be afraid of strong, pungent smell.


For example, in a bag made of genuine leather, you can see a random pores, which are located in a chaotic manner and in different sizes. But they are absolutely identical to the artificial skin.

Gone fire and water

Attention! Do not carry out the following experiments in shops and markets.

Genuine leather is not afraid of fire. If it is set on fire, the fire should not happen. Leather starts to melt immediately as soon meet with a bright flame.

Also, the leather absorbs moisture, but no artificial.

But there is one exception - manufacturers sometimes treated with aniline natural leather covering. And in that case, fire is and the water is absorbed. But this does not mean that the material is artificial

We will show clearly on the left - genuine leather, right - artificial.

Gone fire and water

A couple of secrets:

Well, Vidocq

Usually, for the production of middle-class leather goods using the following types of animal skins:

bovine leather (solid, thick, durable) calfskin (soft, tough, does not form wrinkles), sheep (similar to the previous in properties).

Remember that quality is not always determined by the price. Sometimes it is necessary to make a few movements of hands to find out - leather accessory in front of you or not.

Diana Ulanova wishes you a pleasant shopping, and send to the world of bags, for example.

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