How to Wisely Take Care of Your Diana Ulanova Leather Purses?

How to Wisely Take Care of Your Diana Ulanova Leather Purses?

By admin

31 Aug 2018

Caring for leather bag REQUIRED! In this article you will learn not only about the care of the leather bag, as well as find information about cleaning and storage!

Care and Cleaning

The basic rules of cleaning leather bags will help restore your favorite of the original appearance. It is necessary to wash contamination place soap solution with addition of a few drops of ammonia. It is important to not much watering, so that the skin does not like water. Further, the product must be wiped clean with a damp cloth to remove any excess water and dry with a cloth or sponge. To make the product luster is best to use a colorless cream. A color tone cream in the bag will help to hide imperfections such as wrinkles, scratches, etc.

Genuine leather case will long to please his mistress, but sometimes it needs care and attention. Skin should soften, then it becomes more shiny, plastic and will last for a long time. For this purpose, suitable hand cream, Vaseline or glycerin.

To save the color white bag can be periodically cleaned with a mixture of beaten egg white and milk, or take advantage of women's cosmetic milk. For brown handbag leather suit coffee grounds, wrapped in a soft cloth. Black bag should be cleaned with lemon juice.

Freshen the color of the bag helps cut fresh onions. Bags made of reptile skin should be cleaned with a soft woolen cloth.

Keep a leather bag is absolutely necessary in a pure form, using breathable cotton bags in a cool dark place. Compliance with these simple tips will help extend your union for years to come.

Caring for a leather bag - a recommendation that will help extend the life of your accessory service for years to come.

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