Diana Ulanova Crossbody Leather Purses Forever

Diana Ulanova Crossbody Leather Purses Forever

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Forever, because it is irreplaceable. Women's shoulder bag «crossbody» - this is forever, stylish and practical.

Models in this category bags Diana Ulanova enough to select for them a separate article. Well, we examine and evaluate the benefits of cross-body bag.

Firstly, it's a bag with a strap or chain, through which you can wear this bag over your shoulder.

Second, it serves as a lock on the magnet, which is mounted on the hinged closure flaps. But there are also other options to lightning or riveted: small bag, pouch or a flat clutch.

It often occurs saddle-bag: a small or medium-sized.


How to wear cross-body bag is obvious - so that the strap crossing the body diagonally. socks method is very easy and winning, because often hides the flaws in the figure, the image, as well as well slim.

But the owners of a large bust of a way of wearing undesirable. I think it is clear why. Disharmony will play a role and you will be the loser, albeit with obvious advantages. In this case, you should just wear cross-body bag on one shoulder or wrap the strap around your wrist and hold in the palm (as a conventional clutch) or under the arm.

And a few more words about it

This accessory looks cool in a gentle manner and everyday life as well. The combination is excellent and with shoes, and sneakers. Elegant bag cross-body be useful for a special festive occasion.

The most important thing - it is to know the measure, assess the appropriateness and harmoniously as a whole. Well, if you want to buy a bag cross-body wear for many occasions, it makes sense to pay attention to the simple and convenient model. Conciseness never go out of fashion - and that's cool.

In principle, the cross-body bag can be any model of the bag, which has a long strap. It does not matter which category it belongs model.

Visually very simple to calculate this model, and certainly not in your range of one such bag.

Diana Ulanova expands the range of bags in general and cross-body bags occupy a large part of it all. In either version, you can find it here. By the way, pay special attention to handmade models, made in a single copy. Thus, it is possible to become the first and only owner of exclusive accessories from Diana Ulanova.

Be unique - that's what's really important for girls.

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